As any accomplished chef knows, your culinary creations are only as good as the products you have to work with.   In an artistic discipline where every plate is a blank canvas and each guest is a discerning patron of fine cuisine, you simply can’t afford to compromise.  That’s why Sterling Silver® Premium Meats set the highest standards for quality and consistency.

The bottom line for you, as a restaurateur, is determined by what goes on top of your plates. For those who take the culinary arts and the delight of their guests seriously, there’s no substitute for Sterling Silver® Premium Meats.
"As a chef and consumer, when buying meat I always look for the best quality; the end result of the Sterling Silver® brand is moist, tender and always pleasing. My guests love it, and most importantly, my family loves it."

Javier Alarco
Executive Chef, CCC, CEC
Delta Prince Edward (Charlottetown Hotel)
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

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