As any accomplished chef knows, your culinary creations are only as good as the products you have to work with.   In an artistic discipline where every plate is a blank canvas and each guest is a discerning patron of fine cuisine, you simply can’t afford to compromise.  That’s why Sterling Silver® Premium Meats set the highest standards for quality and consistency.

The bottom line for you, as a restaurateur, is determined by what goes on top of your plates. For those who take the culinary arts and the delight of their guests seriously, there’s no substitute for Sterling Silver® Premium Meats.
"Sterling Silver® Premium Meats has been our preferred brand since the inception of our restaurant. The quality, consistency and flavor surpasses any pork product I have tried. It also pairs extremely well with our signature sauces and our wines. Thank you for offering this great product!"

Tommy Hinshaw
Owner/Executive Chef
Morgan’s Chop House
Fayetteville, NC

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